The Most Wonderful Career You Will Ever Have!

Community Construction is an Employee Owned and Operated company.

Are you sick of working for someone else? Thus, for someone else's dream? Or for instance, for someone else's family? But what about your family?

You know what I'm talking about. They all are well dressed, have Duramax Diesels, and they're all happy ..... that is until they see you. They get that look like you're beneath them. Not appreciating that everything they have is because of you! Always squeeze as much production out of you as possible while trying to keep your pay as low as possible. Does that sound about right?

They throw you a couple hundred bucks once in a while to keep you dangling on. Or they take you to lunch once or twice a year to pretend they care about you.

Well, today is your chance to make it all different!

Are you an excellent craftsman? Is remodeling both a hobby and a living for you? Have you thought of starting your own remodeling business? But you don't want to deal with the Marketing, Sales, paperwork, phone calls, and accounting? And let's not forget about catching up on emails and phone messages. Should we talk about the legal ramifications also?

Here's your chance!

After one year at Community Construction, all employees own a piece of the pie. Imagine joining co-workers who actually have an interest in your success! Can you envision what it's like to look forward to going to work each day? Employee-owners have loyalty and pride. And they are willing to work hard and share techniques for improvement. Now is the time to build your dreams, to build for your family, and to build your own business.