Keep a Sturdy Roof Over Your Head

Depend on us for roof repair and installation services in the Holt or Mason, MI area.

Have you run out of buckets to catch your drips and leaks? It's time to hire the pros at Community Construction Michigan LLC to update your roof. We offer residential roof repair and installation services in Holt, Mason, Michigan and the Lansing Metropolitan area.

You can trust that we'll go above and beyond to meet your roofing needs. Our experts install steel and shingle roofs that are durable, stylish and long-lasting. Looking to have your roof cleaned and inspected for leaks? We can help with that too. For more information on our leak detection and roof services, get in touch today.

Providing leak detection, roof cleaning, and other services

As soon as you begin working with us, you'll start to see the benefits of our services. Let our local team ensure your roof is in the best possible shape. We offer a wide variety of roofing services for residents of Mason, MI, such as:

  • Leak detection
  • Storm damage repair
  • Roof inspection

Windy Michigan weather may damage or remove shingles, which can result in a leak. Call today to arrange for a professional leak detection to make sure you're not dealing with hidden damage. You can count on us to be honest about our findings so you'll know how to deal with your roof.

Our roofing steels the show

You'll be happy to know that our steel roofing:

  • Is made from 100% recycled sources
  • Has double the tensile strength of aluminum roofing
  • Is galvanized with aluminum to prevent rusting
  • Is coated with a siliconized polyester paint
  • Comes with a 40-year warranty
  • Ready to spruce up your roof? Contact us today for roof repair services, leak detection services and more.